Santa María

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GROWERS: Asociación La Victoria 
ORIGIN: Santa María, Huila
VARIETIES: Typica, Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
ELEVATION: 1,700 - 2,200 masl
PROCESS: Fully washed
HARVEST: Summer 2021
TASTING: Almond toffee & dried fruit, dependable

Net wt. 10oz (285g)


This Santa María has an almond toffee backbone coupled with a sweet crisp apple acidity in addition to notes of dried grape and apricot.  It is representative of why we love so many of the coffees from Huila.  This coffee is one of our four staple washed Colombian offerings that we go through over the course of each year, along with Café Giraldo, Buesaco, and Pitalito.


This coffee is grown on small farms in the verdant and dramatic mountains surrounding Santa María. The coffee producer's group is known as Asociación La Victoria, which is supported in part by a larger group, the Fundación Samaria de Desarrollo Social Agroambiental y de Fomento a la Economía Campesina (FUSAMDES) a non-profit whose mission since 2011 is to improve and promote the "social, agro-environmental development of the peasant economy" in the Santa María region.

For over 50 years the mountains around Santa María, Huila were controlled by the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (aka FARC), it wasn't until the peace talks began in 2012 and the ceasefire of 2016 that the region had greater access to outside development due to the ongoing armed conflict and risk of civilian strife. 

A bit over four years ago our importer connected with Isabel Millán, a daughter of farmers in Santa María, when she shipped 32 Caturra samples from the La Victoria producers' association.  The farms in these mountains were isolated during the FARC years from the larger national Colombian coffee growers' association Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (Fedecafé) and as such were growing high quality speciality varieties that cupped (scored) very well using established coffee tasting grades.

Sensing opportunity, our importer established a working relationship with Andrés Perdomo a founder of FUSAMDES, who helps represent the growers in Asociación La Victoria, to bring their high scoring coffees to the global market. 

Since their auspicious beginnings, a coffee buying, grading, and training station was built for the growers of Santa María, allowing many farmers to sample and cup their own coffee, roasted, for the first time.

If you're interested in their story, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture published an in depth article about Andres, FUSAMDES, La Victoriaand Santa María here.


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