Las Afiladeras - LIMITED ROAST

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TASTING: Passion fruit & flowers, tropical
PRODUCER: Alberto Jumbo
ORIGIN: Cariamanga, Loja
VARIETY: Typica, Typica Mejorada, Caturra, Bourbon
ELEVATION: 1,700 - 1,900 masl

Net wt. 10oz (285g)

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Ecuador! There is some absolutely stunning coffee being grown in this relative newcomer of an origin to specialty coffee. Typica Mejorada is one of our favorite varieties grown in Ecuador - it's actually a cross between Bourbon and Ethiopian landraces! It often exhibits very floral characteristics in the cup due to its Ethiopian landraces ancestry. This one is no exception - you'll find sparkling, tropical fruits like mango and passion fruit, along with beautiful florals. 

From our importer: 

"Finca Las Afiladeras is located in Cariamanga, Loja, Ecuador and run by Alberto Jumbo, who has been producing coffee for almost 20 years. The farm sits at a range of elevations from between 1,700 and 1,900 meters and is a total of 5 Ha, 3 of which are currently in production and the other 2 expected to produce in the coming years. Within those two lots, Alberto grows Typica, Typica Mejorado, Caturra and Bourbon. Upon the cherries arriving to the wet-mill, they are de-pulped and fermented for between 24-30 hours and then dried for approximately 12 days, depending on the climate. Alberto’s oldest son, Luis Diego, is actually the one in charge of the farm, mostly with post-harvest processing and is extremely motivated to experiment and find ways to produce higher quality coffees. This is our first lot from Fincas Las Afiladeras and from Cariamanga, and we are extremely excited about the prospects for future harvests! Alberto has offered to talk to his neighbors and organize a meeting to see how we can work with more producers in the region. The farm is called “Las Afiladeras” or “The Sharpeners” because there is a rock found in the region that is often used to sharpen knives."

 PREORDER ─ Roasting on February 26 ─  PREORDER ─

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