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TASTING: Blackberry & apple, juicy 
PRODUCER: Kiruga Factory
GROWERS: Othaya Farmers’ Cooperative Society
ORIGIN: Othaya, Nyeri
VARIETIES: SL28 & SL34 (90%), Ruiru 11 & Batian (10%)
ELEVATION: 1,700 masl
PROCESS: Fully washed
HARVEST: October 2020 - January 2021

Net wt. 10oz (285g)

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Kenya. Every year we eagerly await the arrival of the top quality Kenyan beans, and there are always some real stunners. This year is no exception. Kiruga AA is super juicy and super sweet, with a lot of the beautiful blackberry notes that are so characteristic of top quality Kenyans. As you'd expect from a Kenyan, the acidity is bright and electric. However, even with so much flavor, it's very soft on the palate. It's sort of paradoxical - intense but gentle at the same time. 

From our importer: 

"Number of farmers who delivered cherry and contributed to this lot: 456 men, 173 women

Soil Type: Red Volcanic that is rich in phosphorus and well-drained

Average Age of Farms: 50 years

Average Age of Trees: 50 years

Average daily high temp: 26°C

Average daily low temp: 13°C

Processing: Wet

Are cherries floated? No, we parchment is graded by density using water after pulping

Average length of fermentation: 24-48 hours

How is waste water treated? Evaporation pit

Average drying time: 14-21 days

Is any technology employed to decide when to move coffee off drying beds: Yes, moisture meter

Dry mill: Othaya Coffee Mill

What are the biggest challenges in recent years?

• Low production,

• Aged producers (average farmer age is 60),

• Low prices, •

Inadequate drying tables

What was the biggest challenge this season: low production"

PREORDER This coffee will roast and ship on 10/27. ─  PREORDER

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