Idido Organic

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TASTING: Lavender, jasmine, Sprite

GROWER: Edido Cooperative, Idido

ORIGIN: Yirgacheffe, Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia

VARIETIES: Indigenous heirlooms

ELEVATION: 1,750 - 2,300 masl

SOIL: Vertisol

PROCESS: Fully washed

HARVEST: October – December

CERTIFICATIONS: Fair Trade, Organic


This coffee is a 2019 Good Food Awards finalist! 

Upon first sip, it screams purple floral notes like lavender and violet. Lots of complexity. As it cools, the purple notes change to a jasmine and sweet coffee blossom. Fruity peach notes begin to appear as it continues cooling, nice and sweet. This is a perfect example of a washed Yirgacheffe, with very limited availability on this one.

Our Yirgacheffe Idido Organic is sourced by our importer from family owned farms that belong to the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union located in Idido (also known as Singage).  Since 1975 the YCFCU (currently with 1,247 members) has helped farmers get fair prices for their crop as well as make joint decisions about investments needed for equipment and production.  Professional managers appointed by the YCFCU that help oversee harvest and production are held accountable to cooperative members and executive committee.


Roasting and Shipping Schedule:

Coffee is roasted on Wednesdays. If you order anytime up until 11pm Tuesday, we will roast the next day and ship on Thursday. Orders received after 11pm Tuesday may not get roasted until the following week. If we have extra inventory, we will ship ASAP.  Email us at shippingwoes (at) if you have questions about when your order will be roasted and/or shipped.