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TASTING: Violet & peach, floral
ORIGIN: Bensa, Sidama
VARIETIES: Ethiopian Landraces
ELEVATION: 2,000 - 2,300+ masl
HARVEST: December 2020 - January 2021

Net wt. 10oz (285g) 

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A new washed Ethiopia - always cause for celebration! Hamasho is our favorite washed Ethiopian of the 2021 crop. One of our cuppers gave the following notes: "it's fantastic, so very clean - lime, peach, floral, vanilla, rose, tea. " The other said "really good! Violet, lavender, peach, limeade." And that's really all that needs to be said. If you like great washed Ethiopian coffees, you'll love this. And if you've never tasted a sweet, juicy, perfume-like coffee, you're in for a real treat!

This coffee is roasted similarly to a "Nordic light" or "ultra-light" roast. It’s important to note that neither “standard light” nor “Nordic light” give any signs of roasty flavor, no matter how high you push your extractions. The only difference is that at a given extraction percentage, let’s say 22%, the Nordic light roast will have slightly more acidity and slightly less sweetness than the standard light roast. This can cause issues if you are equipment-limited to let’s say 20% extraction (like if you have a very cheap grinder). A Nordic light roast coffee may always taste underextracted (sour, vegetal) at that yield, whereas a standard light roast may give you enough sweetness to be an enjoyable brew.

From our importer:

"The producers of Hamasho live high in the beautiful Bombe mountains and have an out-grower relationship with our Ethiopian partner, Daye Bensa. The out-grower group consists of about 1,500 farmers in various parts of the mountain range and these producers deliver their coffee to Daye Bensa’s Hamasho Washing Station.

Daye Bensa works with various communities of out-growers from who they receive cherries and work with multiple washing stations in the Bensa Sidama area, including some of which they own. In addition to Hamasho, over the past 5 years, our counterparts in Europe have worked with some of their other washing stations, notably: Shantawene, Keramo, and Bombe. Fun Fact: the producers who deliver cherry to the Keramo Washing Station are actually neighbors to the farmers who deliver to the Hamasho Station. As such, we have also seen quite interesting profiles out of Keramo! 

Due to the staggering elevations of up to 2,300+ meters, the beans are very dense, with heavy concentrations of the smaller screen sizes (the majority of the coffee screen sizes at 13-14). 
The Washed Hamasho is traditionally wet fermented for between 36 and 72 hours, and then dried on African beds for about 9 to 12 days, until the coffee reaches approximately 10% moisture. During peak sun, the beds are covered to prevent over drying.

The Hamasho Natural is made from well selected, ripe cherry. The cherries are floated upon reception to remove over-ripe and under-ripe beans and then dried on African beds for between 14 and 18 days. The cherries are locally hulled into unsorted beans, and then transported to Addis for final sorting at Daye Bensa’s own dry-mill. 

We start talking to our exporting partners sometimes way earlier than pre-harvest. As we do our best to look for underexplored/newer regions, during these calls, we asked Daye Bensa if they could send us a type sample pack from some of their newer washing stations. When the sample pack arrived, the Hamasho lots stood out above the rest! We ended up buying a few different lots this year, but we pre-booked both the Washed and Natural pre-harvest, as we were so excited about them! 

Daye Bensa is no stranger to quality and has learned how to produce high quality coffees: in 2020, they won 7th place in the COE with their Assefa Dukamo Natural, grown on their farm, Gatta. And in 2021, they received 8th place in the COE, with one of their Washed Hamasho lots! 

This is our first year working with Daye Bensa, and we extremely excited to develop this relationship!  

Photos courtesy of Daye Bensa."

 PREORDER ─ This coffee will roast and ship on 1/26. ─  PREORDER ─

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