Gift Subscription: Bright & Striking

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This is a one time fixed term prepaid 'Gift Subscription' of our best and most vibrant Bright & Striking coffees.

You choose how long you want your gift to keep going: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 months* and we will ship one 10oz. bag of coffee every 14 days (totaling: 2 bags, 4 bags, 6 bags, 8 bags, 10 bags or 12 bags of coffee, respectively).

One 10oz bag of coffee gives about 14 cups of coffee using a 20g or 0.7oz dose per cup (320ml) or about one cup of coffee a day using the standard 16:1 SCAA brew ratio.

*Note: we are using a 28 day "month" to allow for a constant 14 day cycle of shipment.   Shipping is included in payment and we thank you for sharing the Vibrant family!

Email us about your gift order at: if you want anything special written in your note.