Gerezim Estate

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TASTING: Milk chocolate, almond, dates

GROWER: A Família de Varnei Alves, Sítio da Laje, 75 ha farm

ORIGIN: Poço Fundo, Minas Gerais, Brazil

VARIETY: Yellow Catuai

ELEVATION: 1,100 - 1,200 masl

PROCESS: Natural

HARVEST: Winter 2018

Net Wt. 10oz (285g)


We cupped a lot of Brazilian green coffee and this one really stood out for its sweetness while staying true to the pleasant "nut and chocolate" notes we've come to expect from Minas Gerais. Many farmers in the region, like the Alves family, have spent decades increasing crop quality and yields.  

Gerezim Estate is one of three top "microlots" or parcels the Alves family are exporting this season.  Their farm has challenging topography making mechanical cherry picking nearly impossible.  In addition they've chosen to plant solely Catuai varieties and do all drying outdoors on covered patios.  Varnei's sons Elias and Estevan are in charge of the harvest and production throughout year and when asked to comment about their coffee Elias had this to say:

"This coffee is produced with passion and love by my family. We have lived in the same place and grown coffee here for decades, and are finally seeing good results from our daily hard work. We hope you will enjoy it; that is our motivation to keep producing better quality coffee."


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