Finca Nuevo Horizonte, 1st Place Huila Mágico - LIMITED ROAST: LIGHT

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TASTING: Pomelo & flowers, victorious
PRODUCER: Yeferson Rivas
VARIETY: Pink Bourbon
ELEVATION: 1,810 masl
HARVEST: Fall - Winter 2021

Net wt. 10oz (285g)

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Coffees from the 2nd annual Huila Mágico Competition have arrived! Last year we purchased the 1st, 2nd, and 7th place coffees, and this year we had the honor of purchasing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! Huila is one of our favorite growing regions in Colombia so needless to say the top coffees from this competition are real stunners. In Finca Nuevo Horizonte, we taste intense florals, grapefruit (hence the "pomelo" note - it's a floral type of grapefruit), grape, and even a slight hint of jalapeno when it cools all the way down. Truly a fantastic example of what a Pink Bourbon can taste like. Bright, sweet, and balanced.

Tasting notes from the competition judges include "Tropical Fruit, Juicy, Bright, Tropical Fruit, Sweet, Caramel, Raspberry, Black Tea, Wild berries, Orange, Molasses, Cinnamon, Tangerine."

This coffee is roasted to a "standard light" level. It’s important to note that neither “standard light” nor “Nordic light” give any signs of roasty flavor, no matter how high you push your extractions. The only difference is that at a given extraction percentage, let’s say 22%, the Nordic light roast will have slightly more acidity and slightly less sweetness than the standard light roast. This can cause issues if you are equipment-limited to let’s say 20% extraction (like if you have a very cheap grinder). A Nordic light roast coffee may always taste underextracted (sour, vegetal) at that yield, whereas a standard light roast may give you enough sweetness to be an enjoyable brew.

From our importer:

"The Huila Mágico Competition is the contest we ran originally in Pitalito, Southern Huila, Colombia. The first edition of Huila Mágico had such a great success that we decided to run a 2nd edition for the 2021/2022 season.

We started this competition to motivate hard-working farmers in Huila to challenge the global pandemic situation of 2020 and finally reward their efforts. (). In 2021, The Coffee Quest organized the 2nd edition to create motivation boosters for farmers despite the already high C-market selling prices.

We managed to find producers who were still willing to do that extra mile to get the premium price on every lot thanks to The Coffee Quest team across Northern and Southern Huila, as well as different areas across Antioquia.

The contest was also an opportunity for us to find producers with whom we share our vision and seek to build long-term relationships. What we realized indeed was that the competition pushed farmers to put more attention on processing, even in the face of external factors, like the C-market prices higher than what they were earning in the previous season.

Among the Top 10 winners and participants, some have been working with us for years. We could not hide our excitement for that. After trials and failures, they experimented with different fermentation recipes. Additionally, several producers who are new to the world of specialty coffee, showcased a steep learning curve."


 PREORDER ─ This coffee will roast and ship on 5/18.  ─  PREORDER ─

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