Hudson Salvador Vilela

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TASTING: Milk chocolate & peanut brittle, comforting
GROWER: Hudson Salvador Vilela
FARM: Fazenda Colina
ORIGIN:  Luminárias, Campo das Vertentes, Minas Gerais, Brazil
VARIETIES: Acaiá, Catuai, Icatu
ELEVATION: 1,090 - 1,250 masl
HARVEST: Summer 2019
PROCESS: Natural & pulped natural, patio sun died

Net wt. 10oz (285g)


We're excited to offer a fresh crop naturally processed Brazil again just in time for the New Year.  We've found this coffee to be versatile for both drip and espresso;  it's low acidity combined with a nutty, syrupy sweetness, as well as milk chocolatey creaminess make it an all around easy drinker perfect for a winter morning.

Hudson Salvador Vilela bought his farm, Fazenda Colina, in 1999 and began his journey as both a steward of the land and a producer of high end speciality coffee. In the mid-to-late 1990's Brazil's output of quality green coffee was much much lower that it is now, however, many of the growers in the Minas Gerais region have shown their commitment to working together and producing high scoring arabica.

In the last two decades Hudson, his sons, and workers at Fazenda Colina have continued to improve crop quality while finding coffee cultivars (varieties) best suited for growing in the mountainous southeastern highlands of Brazil. Thirty percent of their Fazenda is marked for conservation, which includes numerous natural springs and waterfalls.


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