Celestin Rumenerangabo Natural - LIMITED ROAST

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TASTING: Pink starburst & port wine, juicy
ORIGIN: Macuba, Nyamasheke, Western Province
VARIETY: Bourbon
ELEVATION: 1,700 - 1,950 masl
HARVEST: February - July 2019

Net wt. 10oz (285g)

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This is a fun one! This 100% Bourbon variety coffee is super, super fruity. It reminded us of pink starburst, berries, cotton candy, tonic water, and dessert wines (especially port). If you are a fan of blueberry-bomb naturals we highly recommend giving this one a try.

We are proud to share this coffee with you and help further Celestin's mission of improving the livelihoods of his local community while delivering the highest quality coffee possible. Often, in the best-case scenario, a coffee importer will provide interest-free loans to small-holder farmers to allow them to cover living expenses before their coffee is sold, but in this case, Gasharu Coffee Co (a Rwandan company, owned by Celestin) is able to play that role, keeping more money in the local economy.

From our importer: 

"Our family coffee story 

From the simple beginning, Gasharu Coffee Co. emerged from the entrepreneurial spirit of Celestin Rumenerangabo who started his experimental coffee plantation and business in 1976 at the age of 17. Having been unlucky to lose his dad when he was few months old, being internally displaced in Rwanda and facing financial hardship as a child, he started working in coffee farms to financially support his mother at the age of 14. Three years later he initiated a small coffee collection business that allowed him to support his four siblings and his own family that he established 8 years later. Gasharu coffee Co. has developed a coffee culture and tradition over the last 30 years and has established strong relationships with coffee farmers’ families. Increased income and improved livelihoods of our community remain the main value of Gasharu Coffee Co.

In 1976, at the age of 17, Celestin planted his first 380 trees coffee plantation and started to expand his farm working together with other local coffee farmers. He has since then established strong relationships with local families and expanded his plantations to 8,500 trees plantation. Between 1984-1994, he developed the business with a model by which coffee farmers were able to access cash loans for basic family needs such as healthcare, foods and kids schooling. The business broght great social value to the farmers and schedule to pay back this loan was based on the coffee harvest with no interest associated. Eventually this resulted into strong relationships and trust between Gasharu Coffee Co. and local coffee farmers. During this 10 years period, this coffee business observed tremendous growth and right before the Tutsi Genocide of 1994, Gasharu Coffee had proven to be a growing coffee farmer owned business working closely with fellow local coffee farmers. Due to the Tutsi Genocide in 1994 and its aftermath, the coffee business could not be re-established until 1998. 

The goal of our family business is to make Gasharu Coffee Co. a model farmer-owned coffee business bringing the highest quality coffee from farms to cups directly while connecting coffee farmers to consumers. We promote high quality coffee and good living standards of coffee famers in our community particularly those working with Gasharu Coffee. Every year, at each of its three coffee stations, Gasharu Coffee Co. employs around 6 full time and 120-150 part-time workers during the peak of the crop, and 70% of employees are women. The coffee cherries are brought down to Gasharu washing station from 386 farmers from 12 main coffee village farms.

Our Coffee

Gasharu Coffee Washing Station is located in the Western Province of Rwanda, in Nyamasheke District. Found on the shores of Lake Kivu, and a stone’s throw from Nyungwe National Park, the washing station is located on the Rwanda Congo Nile Mountain Chain. Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the largest mountain and most preserved mountain rainforests in Central Africa, home to huge biodiversity and an estimated 25% of Africa’s primates where Nile river finds its source. More than 99% of the local community of Nyamasheke survive on agriculture, cultivating subsistence crops like beans, cassava and banana. Coffee is used as their predominant cash crop. The hills of Nyamasheke district are covered by 100% Bourbon coffee. This region’s elevation, soil, and climate are what coffee trees love best. No surprise then that some fantastic coffees come from our land, known for their round, complex profile packed with citrus and other fruits. Our coffee culture and journey has been long but there is hope that coffee farmers owned businesses will soon begin to flourish."

 PREORDER ─ Roasting on February 26 ─  PREORDER ─

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