Fazenda Belo Jardim

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TASTING: Dark chocolate, nuts, candied orange

GROWER: Valdivino Ribeiro de Almedia

ORIGIN: TaiobeirasNorte de Minas Gerais, Brazil

VARIETY: Yellow Catuai

ELEVATION: 825 masl

PROCESS: Natural

Net wt. 10oz (285g)


This is one of the best Brazilian coffees we've tasted in years. Very clean and sweet. Tastes like one of those chocolate oranges that you thought were so fun when you were a kid, except that it's a high quality dark chocolate rather than that cheap milky chocolate flavor. The cup is very balanced with a hint of nuts, perfect on its own, or with milk as drip, or espresso.

Valdivino Ribeiro de Almedia is the producer who owns the farm "Fazenda Belo Jardim" in the northern Minas Gerais region bordering the state of Bahia and the Cerrado Mineiro region.  The name in Portuguese means, "Beautiful Garden Farm" and is located in the city of Taiobeiras in the Jequitinhonha Valley. 

Valdivino has been farming since he was a child first working with his father in the region.  In 1998 he bought his first farm, Bela Vista, growing fruits and vegetables and in 2008 established his first coffee plantation on 5 hectares.  In 2012 Valdivino decided to pursue coffee production full time as his main crop.

He has since installed pivot irrigation to cope with the region's typically low rainfall.  His business has seen continued growth as his coffee and that of other small speciality farms in the Norte de Minas Gerais region have been noted for their quality and attention to detail with coffee production.


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