Hario V60 Brew Guide

What you'll need:

  • 22 grams of specialty-grade whole bean coffee
  • Filtered water
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • V60 cone & filter
  • Mug or carafe
  • Burr grinder

1) Fold V60 filter and insert into cone, rinse and pre-wet filter with hot water into serving carafe or cup; discard hot papery water.

2) Grind size: table salt (about "medium-fine"). Flatten coffee bed. Zero scale.

3) Start timer. 0:00 - Pour 60-70 grams spiraling all over the grounds quite quickly, gently excavate/flip over the grounds with a spoon and chop up any dry clumps

4) At 0:35 - begin first main pour: aim to reach 215g total water in the brewer by 0:50-0:55. Pour in circles/spirals. Swirl brewer a la Rao/Hoffmann once 215g is reached, then wait. Flow rate here is 150ish grams in 22ish seconds so nearly 7g/sec - this is pretty quick!

5) At 1:30 - begin second and final pour: aim to reach 374g total water in the brewer by about 1:55. Flow rate here is 159 grams in 25 seconds so more like 6g/sec (just slightly slower than first pour) - we haven't found much difference if we slow it down to 5g/sec or keep it up at 7g/sec - getting the first pour water in quickly seems to be far more important, which is in line with Rao/Hoffmann.

6) Swirl entire brewer to wash any grounds that have gotten stuck to the filter back into the wet coffee bed. 

With a great grinder (very little fines), we'd expect a washed Central/South American to finish brewing around 3:00-3:10, and a washed Ethiopian to be more like 3:20-3:30. As always, time isn't that important. Being consistent with your excavation and pouring is the important thing, and then dial in grind size to suit your tastes.

With a relatively cheap grinder that produces more fines, you have to keep the agitation down a little (don't pour as quickly), and even then, you'll likely need a much longer brew time to get an appropriate extraction (brew time will be longer because the fines will clog the filter and reduce flow rate).