Kalita Wave 155 Brew Guide

What you'll need:

  • 15 grams of specialty-grade whole bean coffee
  • Filtered water (210-211 degrees F)
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Kalita Wave 155 Brewer & filter
  • Mug or carafe
  • Burr grinder

1) Insert filter into brewer, rinse and pre-wet filter with hot water into serving carafe or cup; discard hot papery water.

2) Grind size: table salt (about "medium-fine"). Flatten coffee bed. Zero scale.

3) Start timer. 0:00 - Pour 45 grams spiraling or zig-zagging all over the grounds quite quickly. You can gently excavate/flip over the grounds with a spoon and chop up any dry clumps, but you should be pouring aggressively enough that there is a lot of agitation which will get the grounds all wet.

4) At 0:40 - begin first main pour: aim to reach 150g total water in the brewer by 1:01. Pour in circles/spirals. Flow rate here is 105 grams in 21 seconds so 5g/sec. It's safer to be a little slow rather than a little fast with the pour as long as you got all the grounds wet in step 3.

5) Once the water has drained until there is about one inch remaining above the top of the slurry, begin your second pour. Pour up to 250g total, again at about 4-5g/sec.

6) Gently swirl entire brewer to wash any grounds that have gotten stuck to the filter back into the wet coffee bed. This also helps close up any little channels that may have formed.

The time at which you start your second pour and your total brew time will vary dramatically depending on how many fines your grinder is producing. Do not worry about your total brew time. Use your taste buds to guide your grind size adjustments. If the coffee is sour and weak, grind finer. If the coffee is harsh and astringent (mouth-drying), grind coarser.