Tigesit Waqa Natural - LIMITED ROAST

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TASTING: Blueberry wine & flowers, luxurious
ORIGIN: Yirgacheffe
VARIETIES: Ethiopian Heirlooms
ELEVATION: 2,042 masl
PROCESS: Natural/Sun-dried
HARVEST: Dec. 2019 – Feb. 2020

Net wt. 10oz (285g)

 PREORDER ─ This coffee will roast and ship on 11/25. ─  PREORDER ─

This is the cleanest natural that we've tasted in years! So often, naturals exhibit a fermenty-funk that overshadows the rest of the flavor profile of a coffee. This coffee was processed extremely well and the result is an incredibly clean profile. We're tasting all kinds of blueberries, grapes, red wine, and flowers. It's almost like a washed Ethiopian but with all of the berry/grape notes amplified. Looking for a "blueberry bomb?" This is it!

Tigesit Waqa has been in coffee for 22 years, and 6 families have contributed coffee to this lot. Farm size is 8 hectares. This coffee was exported via Abebe Muligeta Coffee Processing Mill in Addis Ababa.

Not sure which brew method this coffee is best suited for? It's good for all of them: French Press, Pourover, Automatic Drip, even Espresso! 

 PREORDER ─ This coffee will roast and ship on 11/25. ─  PREORDER ─

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