Qabballe Natural - LIMITED ROAST

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TASTING: Strawberry & vanilla, decadent
ORIGIN: Uraga, Guji, Oromia
VARIETIES: Ethiopian Landraces (74110 & 74112) 
ELEVATION: 2,100 - 2,350 masl 
PROCESS: Natural/Sun-dried
HARVEST: Winter-Spring 2021

Net wt. 10oz (285g)

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 Say hello to Qabballe Natural! This coffee comes to us from the same washing station as our beloved Laayyoo Natural. On the cupping table, we found peaches and cream, vanilla, strawberry, and golden raisin. Great fruits & a clean profile - we dig this coffee! In a V60 we are tasting a bit more blueberry and grape rather than strawberry and golden raisin but no matter how you slice it, there's a lot of berry goodness in this one.

From our importer:

"Qabballe is produced at the Raro Nensebo washing station in Uraga, Guji, which falls under the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. This area is oftentimes mistakenly known as Sidamo Guji, but instead should be known only as Guji or West-Guji on its own. The farmers that deliver cherry to this washing station come from the ‘kebele’ or
village known as Teraga, and their farms sit at an elevation of between 2,100 and 2,350 m.a.s.l. These producers generally grow and this lot is primarily comprised of the 74110 and 74112 varieties, which are local varieties selected for their production and disease resistance. The word Qabballe means “cold” in Amharic and was given that name due to the cold climate from these high elevation farms that contributed cherry.

This coffee was processed by Sookoo Coffee, which is run by Ture Waji, also known as “The King of Guji”! While this particular lot comes from Uraga, Ture and his company Sookoo Coffee also have another washing station in Shakiso. Both “washing” stations currently only produce natural coffees, but washed coffees are in the plans for
upcoming harvests. Ture has strong connections to the land, its community and farmers, as he grew up in the region. After studying, he started as an export and farm manager at his cousin’s farm and company Mormora, and then later at Guji Highlands Coffee. Thanks to the trade and coffee liberalization in Ethiopia, he was able to start Sookoo Coffee (formerly known as Dambi Uddo), building his first washing station and exporting his first coffee under his own brand in 2018.

We purchased multiple lots this season across both drying stations and all of the lots offer complexity and cleanliness, with varying profiles. Much of the reason for the quality of their lots can be attributed to their strict drying protocols: Sookoo Coffee upholds a maximum layer density of 4cm and moves the cherries around on the beds 6 times per day. This reduces the risk of “over fermentation” during drying, as well as the potential for defects. In addition, the standard drying time for their coffee is between 21-28 days. This is the first year we have purchased Qabballe.

Between harvests, Ture and his team educate farmers on good agricultural practices, in order to help improve the quality of their cherry. His company also provides pre-harvest loans to farmers who need it, for example to pay for hired labor to do maintenance on the farm, such as weeding and planting. The washing stations employ a ‘woman-first’ policy and the company has built a school for the children. Roads have also been built to improve the infrastructure; if you have been to Ethiopia before, you know how much this is needed! 

We met with Ture on our very first trip to Ethiopia, literally 30 minutes after landing, in a hotel lobby near the airport. During the meeting, he explained to us a bit about his company and most importantly his values and his mission to carry them out: Quality, Traceability, and Sustainability. Although the meeting was brief, we were able to solidify the relationship, by chance, on the very last day of trip, where we also had the opportunity to taste his coffees for the first time. In the end, we decided to work with Ture, not only because his coffees are delicious, but because of the exciting projects he has in the works. Some of these projects include producing washed coffees at his current washing stations, as well as a collaboration with another friend of ours, Mike Mamo of Addis Exporter, whereby they will produce coffees at a new washing station in Uraga called Greenspring (which is named after a road in Baltimore, near where both Mike and Stephen grew up). This is our first year working with Ture, but needless to say, we are thrilled for the upcoming harvest!

The cherry price this year for this lot was 25 ETB/kg and after the harvest, there will be an additional payment of 1-2 ETB/kg as a bonus."

 PREORDER ─ This coffee will roast and ship on 12/8. ─  PREORDER ─

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