Las Lajas Black Honey - LIMITED ROAST

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GROWERS: Dona Francisca & Oscar Chacón
ORIGIN: Sabanilla District, Alajuela Canton, Alajuela Province
FARM: Cumbres del Poas
MILL: Las Lajas
VARIETIES: Sarchimor

ELEVATION: 1,500 masl
HARVEST: January - March, 2019
PROCESS: Honey, patio sun dried
TASTING: Red wine & grapefruit, sumptuous

Net wt. 10oz (285g)

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This outstanding coffee is part of our new Limited Roast Pre-order program. These coffees will roast only once every few weeks. All orders placed before the roast date will roast and ship that day.

We love honey processed coffees because they typically take on more of the intense berry/fruit notes and heightened sweetness that naturally processed coffees have, while maintaining much of the clarity and acidity that washed coffees have.

The honey process has many slight variations, but, to simplify, the coffee is de-pulped after harvesting (meaning the skin is removed), and then allowed to dry with some or all of the fruit mucilage still intact surrounding the bean itself. The color in the name (White, Yellow, Red, Black) of the honey processing can refer to either how much of the mucilage is left during drying, or how frequently the coffee is turned during drying. White is the least mucilage/quickest turning (closest to washed processing); Black is the most mucilage/slowest turning (closest to full natural processing).

In addition to the honey processing, this coffee is also interesting because it is a Sarchimor variety. This is a hybrid of Villa Sarchi and Timor Hybrid CIFC 832/2, which means that it is resistant to coffee leaf rust in addition to the good cup quality.

--- PREORDER --- Roasting on August 1 ---  PREORDER ---

From our importer:

Dona Francisca and her husband Oscar Chacon of the Cumbres del Poas micro mill are 3rd generation coffee producers. The Cumbres del Poas micro mill is located in the Sabanilla de Alajuela in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica. Both Francisca and Oscar believe in preservation of the environment. They were one of the first pioneers of high-quality honey and natural process coffees in Central America back in 2009 when they started experimenting with special processes. Water use at the mill is minimal, since their coffees do not undergo the washed process. During the harvest of their coffees they will measure the brix content in the coffee cherries to determine the best time to pick their coffees to obtain the utmost sweet and fruit forward profile.


Notes of winey, sweet grapefruit, orange and jolly rancher


Roasting and Shipping Schedule:

Coffee is roasted on Thursdays. If you order anytime up until 12pm (noon) Wednesday, we will roast the next day and ship on Friday. Orders received after 11pm Wednesday may not get roasted until the following week. If we have extra inventory, we will ship ASAP.  Email us at shippingwoes (at) if you have questions about when your order will be roasted and/or shipped.