Edwin Noreña Gold Washed Anaerobic Pink Bourbon - LIMITED ROAST

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PRODUCER: Edwin Enrique Noreña
ORIGIN: Finca Campo Hermoso-Quindio
VARIETIES: Pink Bourbon
ELEVATION: 1,550 masl 
PROCESS: Gold Washed Anaerobic
HARVEST: Oct-Dec 2020
TASTING: Juicy & hoppy IPA, incredible 

Net wt. 10oz (285g) 

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Here we are folks: this is my favorite coffee I (Ross) have ever tasted. Ever. My previous favorite was Passenger Coffee's Panama Elida Estate Green Tip Gesha from 2018 but this one tops it.

280 hours of fermentation from Edwin Noreña's new "Gold Washed" process gives some truly unbelievable flavors. One sip on the cupping table was all I needed to know that I simply had to purchase this coffee and share it with as many people as possible. It literally tastes like a super juicy, super hoppy IPA (beer) but without any of the alcohol taste, or any of that resinous funk. How else can I describe it? There are intense lemon, lime, herb and floral notes, plus all kinds of other tropical fruits, even cherry, plum, and peach. Huge, huge sweetness. The juiciest coffee I have ever come across. 

Sr. Noreña has a university degree in agronomy and is a Coffee Quality Institute Q-Grader, two things that most coffee producers cannot say. His new processing method is simply remarkable and I cannot wait to taste more coffees from him in the future. 

From our importer:

"Part of the magic of coffee is how ubiquitous it is, while still managing to capture our collective, undivided attention. A daily pursuit of a daily product which requires A LOT of attention.

One of the newest coffees we feel so, so fortunate to offer to you is a shining example of this pursuit of daily excellence, while at the same time challenging any conventions you, the drinker, may hold about what coffee can and should taste like.

From producer Edwin Noreña [who is cheekily found on Instagram by the name Alquimista (alchemist)], we offer a selection that tastes unlike anything that’s ever come across our tables. Combining the generational knowledge learned from his father and grandfather, a university background in agronomy, and a Coffee Quality Institute Q-Grader Certification to boot, Edwin has tapped into a new processing style that will be making waves for years to come. 

Edwin’s daily pursuit of the best cup possible has brought to our cupping table a Pink Bourbon subjected to process he calls “Golden Washed”, it’s name coming from the color on the parchment after being subjected to a multiple stages of controlled fermentation. Intense florals and citrus in the cup are the direct result of capturing some of the coffee cherry juice run-off from the first stage of low-oxygen fermentation, filtering it and reintroducing it again after those same cherries are depulped. We were intrigued right off the bat — simply grinding this coffee filled up our whole lab with a fresh, effervescent scent we won’t soon forget. We couldn’t have been more excited to add water!

We’ve just begun working with Edwin, and we hope to further our relationship once international travel becomes a more realistic possibility."

    ─ PREORDER ─ This coffee will roast and ship on 4/21. ─ PREORDER 

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