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TASTING: Lemon sugar, black raspberry, coffee blossom

GROWERS: 2,500 registered smallholder farmers

MILL OWNER: Israel Degfa


VARIETY: Indigenous heirloom

ELEVATION:  2,101 masl

PROCESS: Washed, Gr. 1

HARVEST: Dec. 8 – Feb. 28, 2018

Net wt. 10oz (285g)


A delicious washed heirloom with hints of apricot, jasmine, lemon sugar, black raspberries and coffee blossom.


The first season our importer has brought in this exciting Washed Ardi from their partners in Sidama. The crop is an heirloom variety with grower contributions from over 2,500 small farmers near the town of Uraga in the Guji Region. 

Those familiar with Bale Mountain Farm will recognize the name of Israel Degfa (Kerchanshe Trading) who is a showrunner in the high-end coffee market in Ethiopia.  He owns and buys from a number of processing mills as well as farms in Guji, Yergachefe, and Sidama and gives back nearly 10% of his profits to small towns and owner/operators for development of needed infrastructure such as schools, offices, and medical buildings.  He has focused much of his work on modernizing Ethiopian coffee processing infrastructure while paying his workers double the local minimum wage.

It was only in the last few years that the ECX (Ethiopian Commodity Exchange) opened up to allow coffee buyer/seller contracts to include sampling (tasting) of actual beans (rather than accepting quality blind based on price/name/grade) which has gone a long way to improving transparency in the path to global market for exceptional beans and ensures that regional farmers and producers doing exceptional work [like Israel's] get paid more for better crop.


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