Sitio Bela Vista

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TASTING: Chocolate ganache & fudge, comforting
GROWERS: Tiago Rezende e família, Sitio Bela Vista
ORIGIN: Poço Fundo, Minas Gerais, Brazil
VARIETIES: Red Acaiá (Mundo Novo), Yellow Catuai
ELEVATION: 1,250 masl
HARVEST: July-September 2018
PROCESS: Naturally sun dried on paved patios

Net wt. 10oz (285g)

This is our latest Brazil and it is sweet and chocolatey with some nuttiness.  We've generally tried to spotlight at least one Brazilian grower from this region year round for those coffee drinkers who like dark chocolate notes without the bitterness, which we find the natural drying process really highlights.  If you like sweet smooth chocolate with some hints of dried dates this will be an easy sipper. This is our top choice for a rich, chocolatey espresso.

From our importer:

Sitio Bela Vista is located in a community referred to as Barring. Tiago Rezende and his brothers take care of this plantation as well as other various coffee plantations in the surrounding areas. In Brazil it is common practice to work together as a community in order to harvest more coffee, this process is called “Meteors”. The farmers use an all natural process followed by sun drying their beans on paved patios for the best results. 

And an interesting side note about the Red Acaiá variety: "Acaiá Cerrado" is a somewhat rare variety found primary in in Brazil due to growing climate.  In the Tupi-Guarani language its name likely means "great fruit".  Acaiá is a natural mutation from the Mundo Novo variety which is itself a hybrid of Typica and Bourbon.  

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