Marco Tulio Sabillion

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GROWER: Marco Tulio Sabillion

ORIGIN: La Peña, Santa Bárbara Department, Honduras

VARIETY: Parainema (Sarchimor hybrid)

ELEVATION: 1,350 masl

PROCESS: Fully washed

TASTING: Lime, pineapple, almond


This coffee is bright & sweet with a rounded almond finish. The bright tropical notes are a typical characteristic of the Parainema variety. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


A little about hybrid (introgressed) plants:

This particular hybridized coffee plant was bred for its resistance to leaf rust (a fungus) that is a continuing threat to coffee farmers all over the the world, but especially in Latin American and Caribbean countries where 2012 was an especially devastating year. It is tolerant to Coffee Berry Disease (a fungal pathogen) and has resistance to certain types of nemotodes (microscopic soil worms that infect root systems).  Unfortunately, due to the evolution of plant pathogens and diseases a plant that has resistance today may not in the future.

The main breeder of Parainema is the Instituto Hondureño del Café (IHCAFE) where it is available in the public domain.  Probably the most historically well known and successful coffee hybrid occurred spontaneously on the the Southeast Asian island of Timor, where in the 1920's after finding that a C. canephora and Coffea arabica Typica plants had interbred, farmers saw that this hybrid had natural rust resistance and have continued its cultivation into modern lineages today.


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