Gatomboya AA

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TASTING: Lime candy, blackberry, vanilla

GROWERS: Gatomboya smallholders, Barichu Cooperative Society

ORIGIN: Nyeri, Central Highlands


ELEVATION: 1,800 masl

PROCESS: Fully washed

HARVEST: October 2017 - January 2018

Net wt. 10oz (285g)


We're very excited to finally offer what we consider to be one of the best coffees, from one of the top growing regions in the world!  If you drink East African coffees you know that the melange and complexity of flavors can be astonishing. Our Gatomboya AA tastes like lime candy, blackberries, vanilla, baking spice, and guava!!!

The Nyeri, Central Highlands region of Kenya has both the altitude and fertile volcanic soil in the southern foothills of Mt. Kenya requisite to grow top lot coffee cherries.  Gatomboya Factory (washing station and wet-mill) use the fresh water of the Gatomboya stream for fermentation and rinsing.  Gatomboya collects cherries from over 600 smallholder farmers (0.4 hectare average) with a total production of 350 metric tonnes of cherries per year.  They in turn are part of a larger Kenyan collective, known as the Barichu Cooperative Society, which has over 5,800 registered members and averages production between 3-5 million kilograms of coffee per year.

The biggest advantage Kenya has in having so many small farms is that growers can focus on quality while cooperatives can transparently negotiate better prices to sell the coffee.  It's not unusual for top-lot beans in Kenyan to return 80-90% of the proceeds back to the smallholder farmers via their cooperatives, this in turn keeps the incentive for coffee quality high.


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