Espirito Santo

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TASTING: Milk chocolate & peanut brittle, comforting
GROWER: Fatima Oliveira
FARM: Sitio Beize
ORIGIN: Espirito Santo
ELEVATION: 970 masl
HARVEST: Summer/Fall 2020

Net wt. 10oz (285g)


Brazil! We've found this coffee to be versatile for both drip and espresso; it's relatively low acidity combined with a nutty, syrupy sweetness make it an all around easy drinker perfect for every day drinking. We are tasting a lot of milk chocolate, peanut brittle, honey, and some mild citrus. A really well-rounded, straightforward coffee!

From our importer:

"The Santa Maria de Jetibá municipality, named for the Santa Maria de Vitoria River and jequitibá, tree, is one of the last places where descendants of Northern German and Polish immigrants preserve the Pomeranian language and culture. 2,000 rural producers produce 90,000 bags annually. Fatima Beize de Oliveira, age 36, has distinguished herself as a producer of high quality coffee and impacted the agricultural practices in Sao Luiz, 7km from the center of Santa Maria de Jetibá, in the Capixaba Mountains. Fatima says that her father always grew coffee, but never of any remarkable quality. After the death of her only brother ten years ago, she started growing coffee herself to save the family property. Inspired by her husband Elivelton de Oliveira, age 43, a coffee grader, she resolved to produce specialty coffees on her four hectares. “The secret is to depulp coffee the same day it was picked. Coffee drying on the covered patio is managed hourly so it doesn’t ferment,” says Fatima, mother of Evandro, Camila, and Leticia, ages 18, 11 and 6. Fatima’s sustainable methods include recycling water and applying coffee cherry pulp as fertilizer."


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