DECAF Valle del Cauca

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TASTING: Orange peel, cherry, sugar cream

GROWERS: Smallholder farms averaging 3 hectares

ORIGIN: Valle del Cauca Department

VARIETIES: Caturra (72%), Castillo (28%)

ELEVATION: 1,750 masl

HARVEST: April 2018

MILL:  El Aguila Municipality

PROCESS: Fully washed, Sugarcane (EA) Decaffeination

Net wt. 10oz (285g)


Decaf that tastes better than most the 'regular' coffee you've ever had. You'll never turn down that post-dinner drip cup or espresso again!


The Valle del Cauca is located in a biological conservation corridor located between the National Park of Tatama and the mountain range Serranía de los Paraguas.  The region is one of two main corridors that Conservation International has officially recognized in Colombia.  Historically the region produced more coffee though recently farmers have increasingly grown sugarcane.

Decaffeination of coffee beans can be achieved by a several different processes.  Because the Valle del Cauca has an abundant ready supply of sugarcane, molasses from sugarcane production is further fermented into ethanol.  Ethanol is mixed with acetic acid (same as found in vinegar) and the organic compound ethyl acetate is formed. 

This 'sugarcane process' ethyl acetate is directly applied to the beans with heat and submersion and a few other steps for good measure, but the net result is 97% decaffeinated coffee beans that still taste really great and have a significantly reduced environmental footprint to get there, enjoy!


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