Alpes Andinos Organic

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PRODUCERS: 150 small producers
ORIGIN: Barro Negro, San Ignacio, Cajamarca
VARIETIES: Caturra, Typica, Pache, Bourbon
ELEVATION: 1,850 - 1,950 masl
PROCESS: Fully washed
HARVEST: August - September 2019

TASTING: Blackberry cola & molasses, round

Net wt. 10oz (285g)


Alpes Andinos has a sweet brown sugar and molasses backbone coupled with some berry and tropical fruit notes, even some mild florals. At lower extractions there can be a bit of nutty flavor. This coffee is super round! Really a good one whether you typically go for really bright and fruity Kenyan/Ethiopian coffees, or more subdued, chocolate-y/caramel-y Central/South Americans. This coffee is certified organic and Fairtrade (*please note that Fairtrade is not much of a useful certification except that it guarantees farmers are being paid some very small premium above the pitifully low C-market price. It does not mean that the farmers are actually receiving fair prices. Most of our coffees are NOT certified Fairtrade, but we always buy from trusted importers who pay more than the Fairtrade price - they just do not have the certification). 


From our importer: "ASPROCAFE ALPES ANDINOS is a non-governmental organization founded on 27th January 2019 with 25 small producers
from Barro Negro Village, district of La Coipa. Then on 28th April 125 small producers were accepted as members of the association and now they are 150 in total, all the production is certified as organic and Fairtrade. Within our main purposes we have: (1) Work hand in hand with the producer in improving the quality of coffee, giving specialized technical advice to meet the quality standards of our customers; and (2) Work with social responsibility and inclusion associated with the protection of the environment.

This coffee lot was made by farmers from the village called Barro Negro. Each producer finishes harvesting the ripe cherry at 5 pm, then the cherries are washed, the floating cherries are separated, then they are de-pulped and fermented in tanks, the fermentation takes place between 30-36 hours, then they are washed three times to ensure that there is no presence of mucilage in the coffee, once washed the coffee is placed on trays in African beds for 20-25 days.

More detailed breakdown of variety composition: Yellow and Red Caturra (40%), Typica (30%), Pache (20%), Bourbon (10%)."


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