Bright & Striking Subscription

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The coffees you'll receive will showcase vibrant, multi-faceted acidity; dynamic and complex flavor profiles; and juicy fruit sweetness. Coffees will range from tropical, floral Ethiopias to intense, winey Kenyas. You choose the number of 10oz bags you'd like per shipment. The more bags you have delivered per shipment, the cheaper each bag is!


Free shipping is included in the price of recurring subscription orders. 


Roasting and Shipping Schedule: 

Coffee is roasted on Wednesdays. If you order anytime up until 3pm Tuesday, we will roast and ship the next day. Orders received after 3pm Tuesday may not get roasted until the following week. If we have extra inventory, we will ship ASAP. Email us at shippingwoes (at) if you have questions about when your order will be roasted and/or shipped.