Coffee Subscriptions

  • Round & Balanced Subscription
The coffees you'll receive all have terrific sweetness, a balanced flavor profile, and mild acidity. Coffees will range from nutty, chocolatey Brazils to brown sugary, mildly fruited Colombias.

  • Bright & Striking Subscription
The coffees you'll receive will showcase vibrant, multi-faceted acidity; dynamic and complex flavor profiles; and juicy fruit sweetness. Coffees will range from tropical, floral Ethiopias to intense, winey Kenyas.

Free shipping on all recurring subscriptions!

For the holiday season or anytime of year, you can purchase a prepaid gift of one 10 oz. bag of coffee shipped on a bi-weekly basis (once every two weeks) choosing from 1 to 12 months* in duration.  Same as our regular 'Bright & Striking and 'Round & Balanced' subscription but for someone else!

One 10oz bag of coffee gives about 14 cups of coffee using a 20g or 0.7oz dose per cup (320ml) or about one cup of coffee a day using the standard 16:1 SCAA brew ratio.

*28 day months, with 14 day period per bag of coffee shipped.

Email us about your gift order at: if you want anything special written in your note.